WORLD CUP: Lawyers lure Kashmiri students with discounts on sedition cases 

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discount-saleSrinagar: In a major relief to Kashmiris, law firms across India are offering heavy discounts on fee for sedition cases during the ICC World Cup 2015.

The discounts advertised mainly though print and social media are mostly aimed at Kashmiri youth studying in various colleges and universities in Indian cities.

While most offers are in range of 20 to 50 percent, some firms are promising additional 20 percent discounts on advance bookings, with promises of a hassle free service and an assured anticipatory bail.

“This is a very hot market, and we are expecting a huge growth in the sector this year. That is why everybody is trying to cash in,” said Anupam Gupta, of  Gupta Associates, a law firm based in Meerut in north India.

Last year around 67 Kashmiri students were booked on charges of sedition for cheering for Pakistan at a north Indian university.

“This market opened up during UPA regime and now it is Modi era, so we expect hot business. Ache Din Aarahe hain,” Gupta said.

Akhil Shaimagesrma of Sharm & Dharm Associates based in Noida says the growing presence of Kashmiri students was breathing a “new life into sedition law which was almost dead.”

“We had almost forgotten these laws, and never ever felt the need to study them, but now times have changed.” Sharma said.

Guaranteed media attention to the cases, he added, was a bonus for lawyers.

“Just imagine – Muslim, Kashmiri, sedition, Pakistan, cricket etc. One right case and this can be our 15 minutes of fame moment,” said Sharma, who says his wife has already bought a golden striped navy blue suit for his TV moment.

The discount wars have come as a breather for Kashmiri students as well as their worried parents back home.

“You can’t imagine how nervous and restless I had been even since hearing of the World Cup. Earlier it was difficult to even find a lawyer willing to take up a Kashmiri student’s case, now they are offering discounts. At least I can sleep at ease,” said Gul Afshan, a resident of of Bagaat Srinagar, whose son is studying in an engineering college in Bangalore.



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