Police in fix as Zaroo renames Masarat Alam to Khurshid Alam

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masratSrinagar: Prominent name changer Fayaz Ahmad Zaroo has put police and intelligence agencies in a fix by changing the name of separatist leader Masarat Alam to Khurshid Alam.

Zaroo announced the name change of the recently released separatist through an Urdu advertisement in a Srinagar based leading English daily.

“This nation is thankful to His loftiness, the undisputed name changer Izzatmaab Jenab Hazrat Fayaz Ahmad Zaroo Sahib Daamat Barakaatahum, who used his self inspired powers to change the name of our beloved Masarat Alam Sahib to Khurshid Alam. Hereafter, Masrat Alam, now to be known as Khurshid Alam Sahib will not be harassed for any of the charges in the name of Masrat Alam,” the advertisement issued by Zaroo’s office reads.

The development has left state government and police bewildered, as it leaves them with no cases against the separatist leader.

“We do not know how to proceed against Masarat now,” Suresh Kumar, Principal Secretary Home Department told Dapaan.”New Delhi is hell bent that we should proceed with vigour all cases against Masrat Alam. But now Masrat Alam is no longer Masrat Alam, so what are we to do.”

The Home Department is reportedly also under pressure from chief minister’s office to not entertain any cases against the new name -Khurshid Alam – apparently to avoid mistaken identity conundrum.

IGP Kashmir Abdul Gani Mir said the development could also open a pandora box for police.

“This is not about one case or one person. What if Zaroo Sahib starts changing names of all people we have cases against. If we cannot find a solution to this case, we are gone,” a visibly perturbed Mir told Dapaan.

To nip the evil in the bud, police had filed charges against Zaroo himself, and duly got the dossier signed from Deputy Commissioner Srinagar.

However, the strategy proved to be futile after police received reports the name changer has changed his own name too.

Zaroo confirmed to Dapaan that he has changed his name and newspapers have¬†already received the advertisements in this regard for tomorrow’s edition.

“By Allah’s grace, I have achieved this unique feat of changing names and to mark the 100th name change, I am changing my own name,” Zaroo said. “I have been telling people that names should have good meaning, and to be good example of what I preach I am changing my name to Hazrat Fayaz Ahmad Boeziv Daamat Barakathum.” Zaroo, now Boeziv (listen in Kashmiri) said.

Boeziv also asked Dapaan to request the director Radio Kashmir to repeat the last episode of his radio programme humsafar.

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