Fed up with India, UN says withdraw Kashmir case

Feb 9th, 2014 | By | Category: South Asia

New York: Fed up of being used like a ping pong ball, where India says No and Pakistan says Yes, the United Nations has asked India to withdraw its case on Kashmir that it filed with the world body in 1947.

At a special review session of the UN, Secretary General Ban Ki Moon said the organization wants to improve its image by shedding some of the flab.

“Kashmir is one of the oldest cases in UN, almost as old as the UN itself. And the case is stuck in timewarp,” Moon said.

“We feel like a bunny bear whose one ear is being pulled by India and another by Pakistan, This is a frustrating situation.”

While giving an example of their problems, Moon said “in India we cannot even say OK, because their is K alphabet in it.”

“And in Pakistan we have to say OKK to please their ears with added emphasis on K word,” he said. “Now spare us this horror. I can’t even wear Cashemere sweater because of Indian sensitivity.”

“The least India can do is withdraw its complaint, so that we can tick off the issue as solved in our records.”

India went to UN in 1947 after dispute with Pakistan arose on the issue of Kashmir, but Moon said “nobody knows what to do except target us”.

Asked that the suggestion would not be welcome in Kashmir where so many people are harping to UN resolutions, Moon said, they could go to NATO.

“Frankly speaking, we cannot do anything. If they really want to get out of the status quo, they can go to NATO. These NATO guys they s… our, I mean even get us moving.” Moon said, requesting to delete the expletive from the statement.

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