Padma awardees getting second hand medals, move court

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Kher broke down while protesting against second hand awards

In a major embarrassment to the government,  the recently announced Padma awardees led by full time actor Anupam Kher have approached Supreme Court seeking directions to restrain the government from handing over to them, what they described as, the “second hand” awards.

The awardees in their petition to apex court stated that they feared government may handover to them the awards that have been returned by so many recipients last year.

“My clients have genuine fears and if government has no hidden agenda or sinister plans, let them deposit all those worn out and rusted medals and awards with the court,” Ram Jethmalani, an eminent Supreme Court lawyer representing the awardees told Dapaan.

Ahead of moving Supreme Court, the recipients staged a protest march at Jantar Mantar urging government to reconsider its decision.

“Do we deserve second hand awards for our commitment and patriotism, and for our faith in country’s leadership?” an emotional Anupam Kher told media.

Kher was accompanied by Madhur Bhandarkar and Ajay Devgun.

The petition has come as a major embarrassment for the government, which had planned to clear off the cupboards in Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) from the rusting awards.

“Award is an honour that state grants in recognition of its service and it is not a matter of right. Recipients can’t have say in its quality ,” Minister of State for PMO, Jitendra Singh told media. “The recipients should have approached us directly and we could have ordered a cleansing process of the awards, but now government will oppose this blackmail.”

Dapaan has learnt that Jethmalani was approached by Jagmohan, the former governor of Jammu and Kashmir and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the spiritual guru for the petition.

“Though my well wishers are at the helm, I came to know government was trying to part away with the stained and rusted awards,” Jagmohan said.

Kher said that apart from being rusted and stained, the returned awards have a sickular stink.

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