About Us

Dapaan.com is strictly about spoof and satire. There are no facts here, only fiction.

In style we pretend to be a news site, a format perfected by the leading satire websites globally like the Onion.

If something here resembles any facts or reality, it is only because fiction tends to do so often. And if something makes sense over here, that is because news no longer makes sense. May be that is why we are here.


We try to remain sensitive to the sensitivities of the people. We know people are always ready to jump the gun, so we tread the path of carefulness.

Kashmir has a rich tradition of satire, in arts as well as everyday life. Centuries of oppression gave birth to Bhand Pather, a popular folk drama, which ironically is on life support these days. So we are doing nothing new, only using this spirit through a modern medium.
Satire websites are fairly common in today’s world, but as we know (and to our best knowledge we are not joking), Kashmir has been missing one. As we had nothing worth to do, we became a willing clown. The vacuum was filled and the Dapaan.com was born.

Dapaan is a Kashmiri word, loosely translated as ‘it is said’. Its usage is fairly common, used by speakers to relate anything from fact to fiction, news or rumours. For those who don’t know Kashmiri, Dapaan is generally used to attribute, without identifying a source.

Lastly we hope you would be mature enough to take the joke as a joke. We don’t mean any harm, but if you take our jokes personally, respond at best with a joke. Please don’t try to make things nasty, that would be a very very bad joke. Remember the golden words in Kashmiri, Gindnas peth gaczi ni vadnas khassun.